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Featured Product – H6 ZC Series

Introduced in 2015, the H6 Series was Valor’s first large format fireplace. With years of constant product advancements in heat output and controllability thanks to the popular Horizon Series, the H6 was poised for success.

The H6 offers a 60% larger viewing area than the mid-sized H5 Series, making it appear grand in presence. A powerful secondary heat exchanger promotes convective warmth backed by Valor radiant heat technology. Zone heat multiple spaces with the Valor remote blower kit accessory. Discover more about the popular H6 by reading below.


The H6 Series has 4 unique firebeds to choose from – Driftwood (Driftwood, Pebbles & River Rock), Standard logs, Murano Glass & Decorative Glass. Check out the videos below to see them burning live!





H6 Features

The H6 Series offers a variety of unique and important features that aim to improve the comfort of your home while ensuring a safe environment. Check out the best features below:

  • Tapered sides and a shallow firebox depth allow for smooth installation including tight corners
  • Programmable Valor Comfort Control Remote
  • No Power No Problem – operates even during a power outage
  • Standard safety barrier screen with a high quality ceramic glass window
  • Modulating Flame – Fire turns down for steady even heat
  • Burn Clean, Engineered Green – cost effective, heating solutions for your home
  • Realistic Logs, Glass & Liners – Authentic contemporary & traditional designs

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To learn more, view new photos and look over spec information about the H6 Series, please click here.

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