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Introducing Photo Liners for the L2

Looking for something a bit different & unique for your fireplace? Introducing the all new, limited edition, 1730PL1 Photo Liners for the L2 Series featuring a stunning sunset. Enjoy a picturesque scene from the comfort of your home.

This state of the art process applies the mountain sunset image (shown below) to our ceramic firebox liner, which creates a beautiful backdrop to our Rock & Shale or Driftwood log sets.

Add outdoor ambience to your radiant comfort zone. The 1730PL1 will be available for the L2 Series as a limited edition product so talk to your authorized Valor dealer today!

L2 Series featuring the 1730PL1 Photo Liner with the Rock & Shale Set


    • ValorFireplaces

      Yes the L2 produces a large amount of heat that can cause the trims to get quite hot over time. Please ensure a mantel is installed above the fireplace if there is any art, decor or a TV to prevent possible damages.

  • Richard

    I asked if the stove needed a blower and the sales person said no. And then I find out it helps with the heat. Sad customer sales. We are now getting our 3rd costume face frame and it sounds like this one is also damaged and the dealer is hinting like he wants us to settle for this one that also has a rash on it. What’s up with that. I would not recommend your company to anyone at this point , has been the most frustrating $7000.00 I have ever spent. And still getting the run around from the store. ?

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