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NEW H6 & Madrona Videos

We have recently added 5 new H6 Series product fire videos, and 1 Madrona video to our YouTube page & Valor product pages.

H6 Series
Two of the H6 videos showcase the Murano Glass & Driftwood options with the Plain Black Liner & Reflective Glass Panel, one video shows off the Decorative Glass with the Plain Black Liner, while the other two showcase the Traditional Log Set with the Red Brick & Ledgestone liners.






Learn more about the large format H6 Series by clicking here.

Madrona Series

Introduced at the end of last year, the Madrona Freestanding Series incorporated a brand new option found on a few other Valor models, the Driftwood firebed. This new looks offers a modernized log and rock combination that pairs beautifully with the Square Front or Contemporary Madrona options. View the video below:


Learn more about the freestanding Madrona Series by clicking here.

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