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4 Home Trends To Watch For This Year

Trends that are found in homes and condominiums are ever changing over time. From one year to the next we see new trends popping up throughout homes, leaving us with beautiful and up to date spaces. But it can be hard to stay ahead of these ever changing trends, so as a homeowner how do you keep up? Well, by reading up on home magazines, spending time on sites such as Pinterest and Houzz and keeping up with Valor’s Lifestyle blog you will be on track with all the newest fads and trends in the home world.

In fact, we have gathered four of the most popular home trends to keep an eye on this year and to celebrate in 2016. So keep reading to find out what the most popular trends are for 2016 and start applying these great looks in your own home today:


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Barn Doors:

While barn doors have been an ongoing trend, it seems to be one that never really goes out of style. By adding barn doors instead of a traditional door , you will be layering the design in your home and bringing in a rustic feel that can really warm up a space. Also, the strong black hardware gives the door added detail and can help mesh stronger or more industrial looks within the room. Barn doors look really great on bathroom entrances or to replace standard closet doors.

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Statement Mirrors:

When your dealing with large wall spaces or areas of the home that look empty, it can be tempting to fill that space up with artwork. While that is a great idea for most spaces, have you ever considered a mirror in place of art? Adding a large, statement mirror to your front entrances, bathroom or living space can not only give your space a beautiful focal point, the mirror will also give the appearance of a larger room. This can be great for tight or smaller spaces and the mirror will reflect light into your entire home.


1500I L1 Series with 1505DWK Long Beach Fire


This may seem like a tried and true trend in homes around the world, but fireplaces are on trend and popping up everywhere in 2016. Long gone are the days where people would hide the fireplace in the corner hidden from guests and only used for the necessity of heat. Nowadays fireplaces are storming back in to the home design world and have become a critical part of almost any design plan. Your fireplace should create a strong yet stunning focal point for your room, giving your guests and family a center gathering point, all while enjoying the beautiful look of your fire. Choosing coordinating tile or finishes can really help bring your entire room together and help you create a design that will last for years to come.

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Over Sized Artwork:

Last but certainly not least if you’re   looking to bring the trends of 2016 into your home, consider adding in artwork or more specifically over sized artwork. Now this is not to say that normal or smaller artwork won’t look great, but in this case bigger is better! Finding a large or over sized print that makes a statement in the room can be a challenge, so make sure to play off the colors you have in the room or go the opposite direction and find a piece that will really pop on your walls. If you can’t find the print you’re looking for, consider playing with your own photos and having them blown up to display on the walls of your home.

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