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How To Dress Up Your Laundry Room

When you think of your laundry room, you may just consider it a place to wash,dry and fold clothes. But what if it was more than that? Laundry is already a task that many of us don’t love, but by changing and upgrading the space you’re working in you may find yourself enjoying the process. Now, we aren’t suggesting you make your laundry room into a lounging space, but simply adding a few pieces and touches that will make your laundry experience that much more enjoyable. Check out how to dress up your laundry room below:


Pic/Room Credit: Thrifty Decor Chick

Create Practical Space:

Creating practical space within your laundry room is a very important step to upgrading your space. Now depending on the space you have to work with, you may have to get a little creative with what you add in. The most important thing to add in is some sort of storage, this will be vital for all those small items that tend to get lost in the rush such as laundry soap or dryer sheets. In second place, you want to try to create a space that you can fold and sort clothing in as this will cut time out of your normal routine. Lastly, try to create a space that keeps everything where you can get it. This means not having bins or organizers in the back where they can’t be reached. By making everything you need accessible, you might just loathe laundry day a little less.

Pic/Room Credit: Walls Under Construction

Add Color:

With all the fun options when it comes to paint color, wallpaper or wall designs why keep your laundry space muted and boring? You might as well make your laundry space a fun and bright place to be, especially if you’re constantly doing loads of laundry. If you have a small space or closet area, consider a quick coat of paint to brighten and clean things up or if you have a larger space consider playing around with an accent wall and different textures to give the laundry room a custom touch.

Pic/Room Credit: My River Garden Home

Consider Lighting:

Lighting is an important piece for any room around the house, including your laundry space! Having good lighting means you’ll have a bright fresh space to work in and you won’t get your dark’s and lights mixed up from bad lighting.  Consider adding practical track lighting or pot lights to keep the lighting out of way but still usable or if you have space consider a warm pendant light to brighten the whole room.

Pic/Room Credit: Bloglovin Sarah

Have Fun:

Last but not least, when you’re updating your laundry room throw away the rules and have some fun with decorating. Whether it’s a cute laundry sign , a built-in TV or a beautiful accent wall make your laundry room a fun place to be! It might just take the boring out of folding and sorting and give you something to look forward to on those dreaded laundry days.


Pic/Room Credit: Messagenote

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