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How To Style Your Bookshelf

On the blog a few weeks ago, we highlighted five non-traditional bookshelves for your home and how to make them work in your space. This week, we’re still talking about bookshelves, but we’re focusing on the inside of the bookshelf and how to style it so it reflects your personality and style. While you will have a few guidelines to work from, the best way to style your shelving is to get creative and use different items to complete the whole look.

Check out some of the suggestions below to style your bookshelf today:

  1. Color Coding: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get styling, start with color-coding. A bookshelf can look mismatched and unloved with books just thrown onto the shelves haphazardly. So why not take the time to sort through your books, pick a few for display and sort the rest into color families. This way, you can practically display your books while catching the eye with an organized color scheme. Use those display books you chose as accents on certain shelves, giving them the face time they deserve.
  2. Directional Placement: The direction in which you place your books can make all the difference in terms of the overall style. Play with stacks of books in different directions to make your shelves extra pleasing to the eyes. Try one shelf with just vertical stacks of books with a few small decor items in place and on the second shelf switch back to the traditional way of stacking with a fun bookend on one side to break up the design.
  3. Decor Items: Who said a bookshelf is meant just for books? Decor items add fun to your shelves and are a great way to show off your favorite pieces without cluttering your space. The hardest part can be deciding what decor piece works best. We suggest gathering up all the available pieces you have to work with and laying them out in front of your shelving unit. Try different items until you find the ones that fit perfectly. Also, consider using items that aren’t traditional decor: knickknacks, postcards, vintage toys, teacups etc.
  4. Living Decor: Last but not least, consider adding in some living decor to your shelving scheme. Whether you choose fresh or faux flowers, rocks, a small plant or even some branches, almost anything would look good! Incorporating something from the outdoors can really pull together the whole look of your shelf and give your design eye-catching texture that you might not find in anything else!

Now that your bookshelf is complete, grab a good book and curl up next to your Valor Fireplace!

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