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Love It or List It Monday’s!

Most people aren’t big fans of Monday, but we sure are! Monday’s mean that there’s an all NEW Love It Or List It Vancouver episode set to air that will feature a beautiful Valor fireplace.

For those that don’t know, Love It or List It showcases families who are in need of a renovation as they have outgrown their homes, as well as bringing up the opportunity to list the home on the local market if they aren’t satisfied. Jillian Harris and her design team help create these new living spaces, and Valor is there to help with home comfort and heating needs.

Love it or List it Feb 22

This episode will feature a Valor insert fireplace. If you want to learn more about Valor insert products, click here.

Miss the initial airing? Don’t worry, this episode will be on rotation to ensure everyone can watch!

Review the previous Love It or List It Vancouver episode (Jessica & Derek) via Jillian Harris by clicking here.

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