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3 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing


For most homeowners, it can be pretty difficult not to become nose blind within your own home. “Nose blindness” basically consists of getting used to the smells and odors in our home such as: smells from cooking, pets and animals, and the constant rotation of people in and out of the home. It’s been said that we can become almost 100% blind to the smells in our homes, but this same theory doesn’t apply to anyone who lives outside the home, such as your guests or friends! So, what can you do to conquer the everyday smells in your home? Well, we have a few different options to try to that won’t take more than a few minutes and some household ingredients. Keep reading to find out 3 ways to make your home smell amazing:


  1. Create a Stove Aroma: Stove simmer pots have become more popular in the last few years when it comes to making your home smell good. To create a stove simmer of your own, simply gather your favorite aromatics such as: Cinnamon, lemon, lime, nutmeg, lavender, mint etc and create your own custom smelly blend. Add these items into about a cup of simmering water and let the mixture sit. Stir every so often for an extra release of smell, but otherwise just let it do its thing and you might be surprised at how great your home smells.
  2. Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheets are no longer just for the dryer! They have a ton of great uses for cleaning, clothing care and for making your home smell amazing. Simple, take a fresh dryer sheet and clean off your baseboard’s and moldings. As you rub the sheet along these areas, it will leave behind a super fresh smell and collect any dust that may be hiding. Do this every few weeks to keep your home smelling fresh and somewhat dust free!
  3. Invite The Outside In: Last but not least, one of the best ways to eliminate constant odors in the home is to let your home air our regularly.  This means, opening up all vents, doors and windows and letting the fresh air run thorough the whole house. Try to do this for a few hours every 3-4 days for maximum results and freshness. The air from the outside will move out any stale air that may be stuck in rotation and bring in fresh scent’s to clean out your home with minimal effort. This is also a great time to light a few scented candles or try a stove simmer, as the fresh air will take all those great smells and spread them around the home.

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