Portrait Ledgeview


The Ledgeview, inspired by the Portrait Ledge, offers a slimmer and contemporary 4-side design that is ideal for insert applications. If you’re looking into renovating your home and upgrading your fireplace, the Ledgeview could be the perfect solution. With a standard backing plate and the choice of 3 high quality fronts, the Ledgeview is poised to be a stand out in any home.

Front Options

Finishes include a black or bronze powder coat, or for a unique finish, check out the plated brushed nickel design. A small footprint positions the Ledgeview as an exceptional insert fireplace, ideal for intimate home spaces.

3 optional finishes – Bronze, Brushed Nickel & Black

Fuel Bed Options


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To learn more about the Ledgeview, view images and videos and more, please click here.

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