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4 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious


When you’re in the process of decorating or updating your home, it can be extremely easy to forget about the smaller rooms in the house, such as the bathroom! This may be because we’re focused on the spaces guests or visitors see when they arrive and relax, but really the bathroom gets almost as much use as a living space would. So, it’s important to pay some attention to your bathroom or bathrooms around your home and make them feel just as inviting as the rest of your home. This is also a great time to add a few luxurious touches, so it becomes a relaxing space that will still be functional. Keep reading to find out 4 ways to make your bathroom feel more luxurious:


Fresh Flowers: This is an easy way to make any space feel a little more elegant, but can have an extra special touch when it comes to the bathroom. Simply adding a bouquet of fresh flowers to your bathroom can not only help the bathroom feel more put together, they will instantly make the space feel more rich with smell and color. Go for a nice bright flower bundle or plant on your counter or shelves and let the fresh scent spread through the room, all while adding a beautiful pop of color to the space. Replace as needed and change the plant or flower arrangement per season to keep up with variety.

Updated Linen: It’s an easy habit to keep your towels, shower curtain and guest linens for a long period of time without realizing that they need an update. So take a really good look at your current linens: Do they have any noticeable stains? Are the edges fraying or coming apart? This most likely means it’s time for an update for your main bathroom linens. Not only with this touch make you feel good, it will look great to have fresh, new linens out for your guests and family. The shower curtain is especially important as it is usually the first thing guests will see upon entering, so make sure to wash the curtain every other month or have a few different ones for variation.

Small Decor Touches: The little touches in small rooms can go a really long way and that can be especially true when it comes to your bathroom space. So, take the time to add some decor touches, small plants and your favorite items to the counter or shelving you have available. To avoid clutter, try spread your items out and make sure not to overwhelm the space with multiple decor items. We love seeing frames, candles, small plants, bathroom related decor etc, as it gives you the chance to show off your personal style in a smaller space.

Lighting & Mirrors: Last but not least, lighting and mirrors should be on your list when it comes to making your bathroom feel more luxurious. You should have a bathroom mirror that fits your space and needs the best. Meaning if you need storage, go for a mirror with built-in shelves or a cabinet or if you have a small space go for a larger mirror to reflect light and give the room a grand look. This is also a great time to look at your lighting and decide if it’s the best option for your bathroom, as your needs will change the longer you’re in your home. Consider trying out bright but aesthetically pleasing lighting in the bathroom, while avoiding stark lighting or clunky fixtures that could overwhelm the space.


What’s your best tip for making your bathroom feel luxurious? Share it with us below!

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