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Ventana Series

The Valor Ventana Series is known for it’s grand presence & excellent heating performance, something those other “large format” fireplaces don’t have. Most large fireplaces provide inefficient heat, but the Ventana is engineered to distribute effective, radiant and convective heat. This is ideal for larger spaces, boasting an impressive 60% turndown which matches the fire’s intensity and home comfort needs.

Recessed glass reduces reflection and eliminates the “aquarium effect” that you get with other gas fireplaces. A fireplace that mirrors presence with performance, discover the Ventana Series.

Ventana with Inca Slab Liner (1255IBL).

Liners & Frets

Once you pick your Ventana engine, it’s time to choose between the different liners & frets available. The Ventana has 5 liners to choose from: Victorian Red, Frontera Stone, Inca Slab, Black Slab & Ledgestone. Each offers q unique flame experience, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your space. Choose between the contemporary Ventana fret or the traditional Andiron fret to complete the look of your engine.

Fronts & Surrounds

The Ventana Series offers a beautiful collection of fronts, doors & surrounds to ensure it’s versatility for different rooms. Two of the more popular options are the FenderFire Single & Double Doors (as shown below) which offer a unique viewing point while also offering safety from the flames within. The surrounds for the Ventana are shown below, Valor offers both arched, square and cast surrounds.


Burning Fire Video

Check out a quick video of the Ventana fire with the Inca Slab liner:

To learn more about the Valor Ventana Series, please click here.

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