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Heat Management Systems

Discover the different heat management options you have with a Valor radiant gas fireplace by reading below:

HeatShift System™ – for Valor Linear fireplaces

Only a few weeks old, the Valor HeatShift System™ is designed to redirect fireplace warmth to a higher elevation within the room. This system reduces surface temperatures, particularly when adding a wall mounted TV or heat sensitive materials directly above your fireplace. By raising the heat above these materials we also improve the conventional airflow – reducing wall temperatures (much cooler to the touch) and improving the fireplaces overall performance.

The HeatShift System™ is currently compatible with the Valor L1 Linear & L2 Linear Series.

For more information on the HeatShift System™ please view our overview page.


Remote Blower Kit (1270RBK)

Compatible with the Valor HeatShift System™, as well as the majority of Valor products, the Remote Blower Kit is designed to distribute warmth to other areas within your home.

Spaces like a utility room, hallways or even a basement can be heated by your Valor fireplace, even when it’s in a totally different room, by distributing heat through the venting system in the back of the fireplace to the fan unit within the room.

Zone Heating

We recently published a post that went over the benefits of Zone Heating in your home. Zone heating with a Valor gas fireplace requires no ducting or forced air, providing economical and efficient heating in the long run.

Radiant Heat – Like Sunshine in Your Room

Our unique Valorflame burner technology maximizes the radiant output of our fires for a natural and soothing warmth that will keep you comfortable even with lower air temperatures.

Like heat from the sun, Valor fireplaces distribute radiant warmth directly to your living space. Radiant heat satisfies human comfort needs, using up to 25% less energy compared to traditional forced air systems. Valor warmth efficiently replaces the chill from cold windows and doors, providing steady, even heat to objects in the room.

When The Power Fails, Your Valor Won’t

When you lose power in your home, you often lose the ability to heat the spaces you need the most. With a Valor, it’s No Power, No Problem – every Valor fireplace has been built to not require electricity, providing efficient warmth even in the toughest situations. Valor’s are fully functional heaters, designed to heat your home without the need of a power supply or noisy fan.

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