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Tips For Furnishing Your Living Space

When planning your living room, whether it be from scratch or while remodelling the choices can be very overwhelming. This is especially true when it comes to choosing furniture for your living space or area, as the options are truly endless and almost anything goes when it comes to planning your space. However, by following a few important tips and guides as you plan your space, you might find the whole procedure a bit easier and find that you’re extra happy with the end result. Keep reading to find out those important tips for furnishing your living space:

Plan, Plan Plan: This is the first and most important step to furnishing your living space: plan out what you’re going to do BEFORE you do anything. This means deciding on a layout, playing with different designs and getting a general idea of what you would like to do before taking any action. You can simply start with a hand drawn plan to get a feel for your space or go a step further with an online layout design program. Whatever you decide, make sure to measure the room and the items you plan to include, before you make any purchases.

Consider Existing Structures: It is important to include existing structures within the layout and plan, as these structures won’t be going anywhere. This would include items such as large wood beams, non removable accents, and of course your radiant Valor gas fireplace. This is a great time to fit these items into your plan and add to them if possible, giving them a real chance to stand out.

Shop Around: Here comes the fun part for most homeowners- shopping! It’s important to research and look at all options when you start to furnish your living space. Consider looking from one end of the spectrum to the other (Example: Big box furniture to custom designed pieces) to see what will work best for your space. This is also a great time to consider investing in certain pieces, such as the main couch or set for the space as it will most likely be something you have for a long period of time. Consider all options and make sure to measure a few times in different locations to make sure your furniture will work for the long-term.

Less Is More: Last but not least, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options, stick to the plan that less is more. Tackle your big items first in terms of furniture and then go back to the drawing board. From here you can add in items such as storage, decor or strong accent pieces and watch things come together. Take your time with planning and executing as you’ll want to make sure your living room is functional while still reflecting your personality and most of all, make sure to have fun with the design process!


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