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3 Ways To Use A Non-Working Fireplace

In older homes, you may find a non-working wood burning fireplace that once held a crackling fire, but now no longer is in use. It’s a shame to see these beautiful structures just sitting after many years of use, but the real question is what are you to do with a fireplace that is no longer in use?

Luckily, there are a few great options for re-using that space, some that will take some serious elbow grease and some that will only take a bit of time for fantastic results. Keep reading below to find out what you can do to upgrade your fireplace experience:

  1. Clean It & Decorate It: The easiest solution to dealing with a non-working fireplace would be to clean it out completely. To get started lay out a drop cloth or newspaper in the surrounding areas to avoid any ash hitting surrounding floors or furniture. Next, use a small shovel and bucket to remove any ash or build up within the fireplace and open any vents as needed. Once the initial ash has been removed, you can now use a shop vacuum or brush to remove small dust and ash particles, it is not suggested to use a household vacuum. Once your fireplace is cleaned out for good, consider filling the open space with beautiful decor such as vases, stacked firewood or even blocking off the open space with a decorative screen or cover.
  2. Add Artificial Light: Another option once your fireplace has been cleaned is adding some light to the space. You can add anything in the space from candles to artificial light up logs to beautiful rustic lanterns. By adding in this artificial light, you will bring back the light effect that your fireplace once had without the mess or ash that a real wood-burning fireplace and it can add a great layer of light to your space.
  3. Install A Valor: Last but certainly not least if you want to have a fire burning in your home once again, why not consider installing a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace. You can find a perfect fit within one of Valor’s many insert options, that will fit right into your pre-existing space. Not only will a Valor Fireplace spread radiant heat around your entire home, but you’ll also have a cozy warm place to curl up at the end of a long day. It’s a great and efficient way to heat your home and it will look fantastic in your exciting space bringing in a beautiful flickering flame to the center of your home.

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