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Are you a huge Valor fireplace fan and can’t get enough of looking at our beautiful fires and room settings?

Add a Valor desktop wallpaper to your computer or HDTV below by downloading a variety of feature-shot wallpapers directly to your computer for everyday use. Each wallpaper uses a high-quality, high-resolution image that can be used on a variety of screen sizes including your widescreen TV. The latest update to our wallpapers include the new L3 Series, as well as the H6 & HeatShift System.

Download Now:

L3 Series (2560×1600)


Close up room setting – Download


Full room setting – Download

HeatShift System (2560×1600)


L1 Series – Download


L2 Series – Download

H6 Series (2560×1600)


Driftwood room setting – Download


Murano Glass room setting – Download

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