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3 Ways To Keep Your Patio Bug Free


This week we celebrated the arrival of the first day of Summer, but unfortunately that usually means we’re getting some pesky bugs that invade our outdoor space. Now, some bugs are great for our backyards and gardens, but we’re talking about those annoying bugs like mosquitoes, flies or wasps! It can be tough to get these bugs out of your space completely, but with a few quick tricks you can make your outdoor space mostly bug free and leave yourself more time to relax and enjoy the summer. Keep reading to learn about 3 ways to keep your patio bug free:


  1. Clean With Pine Sol: It may sound like a weird trick to get rid of bugs, but apparently outdoor bugs hate pine sol so much that they will avoid anything that smells like it.  All you have to do is mix together 50% pine sol with 50% water into a spray bottle and give it a good shake. Once mixed together, simply clean your outdoor furniture and surfaces with the pine sol mixture and you’ll start to notice your patio becomes more peaceful and bug free. Do this at the start of each week to keep your items extra clean and to keep the bugs away.
  2. Repel With Plants: Planting certain types of garden plants in your yard and around your deck can work wonders at repelling pesky bugs.  Plants such as: Lemon grass, basil, lavender, marigolds, catnip and mint are just some of the great plants that will help keep bugs away throughout the summer months. The great part about these plants is that they will also produce either beautiful blooms or even a little fresh produce depending what plant you choose to grow in your garden.
  3. Remove Trash & Water: Two of the biggest attractions for bugs and pests is garbage and standing water, so it’s important to make sure these items are taken out of your backyard to avoid a constant stream of pests. As it goes for garbage, you want to make sure your cans and bags are completely sealed and covered if they sit near your backyard, otherwise move them the front of the house away from the outdoor seating or where your guests gather. Also, standing water can be a huge attraction for all types of bugs, so it’s important to eliminate anything such as buckets of water, bird baths or small ponds as bugs will be extremely attracted to these items and keep coming back.

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