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4 Ways To Decorate With Succulents

Succulent plants have become all the rage within home decor and modern designs as they bring a beautiful touch of green to any space. These little plants pack a big visual punch as no succulent is exactly alike, which helps them stand out in a group or as a stand alone decoration.

The part that we really love about succulents is that they look great in almost any room and the options are endless in terms of what you can do with them around your home and within your design. As an added bonus some of these little green plants also have the ability to clean and purify the air within your home, so why not learn 4 great ways to decorate with succulents today!


Pic Credit: mothlogy
  1. Centerpiece: Succulents make the perfect centerpiece for any dining table or living room space. These small yet beautiful plants bring in a soft mix of colors that look great combined with candles, stones or other decor items. You can customize your arrangement to exactly how you like it and change the look around when your tired of your design. Consider adding in touches of natural wood and other plants to complete your centerpiece design and bring the outdoors in.

    Photo Credit: eastcoastcreative
  2. Wall Display: When it comes to some homes and spaces, you may find that you really don’t have a lot of square footage to work with. So, in that case a wall display of succulents is a great option as you won’t take up valuable space on your tables or floors, but will still be able to show off your beautiful living wall of succulents. Consider playing with different colors and sizes to really make a striking living wall that will have all your guests talking.

    Pic Credit: curbly
  3. Stand Alone: Sometimes when it comes to design and decor, simple is really the best. This stands true with using succulents within your decor as they look amazing when standing alone. Consider adding a fun or modern pot to each of your succulents to help them stand out within your design. Alternatively, you can also use vintage items to hold your succulents such as rustic tins, vintage jars or even well-loved vases as the age of the holders will really add to the look of your plants.

    Pic Credit: homedit
  4. Arrangement: Last but not least, if you can’t get enough of the look of succulents, why not go big and decorate with many! Creating an arrangement of succulents gives you a chance to show off your true creativity, while adding in a great touch of green to your space. These small plants make a big statement, especially when you join together different kinds in one arrangement, so don’t be afraid to get creative and try different styles and colors.

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