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5 Things To Consider Spray Painting


When we see items in our home looking battered or older, the first thought that pops up is to get rid of it and buy something new. While this would be a slightly easier option, it does end up costing money and why spend money when you can give that item a new look and save some dollars? One way to rejuvenate home items is to use spray paint! Spray paint has come a long way over the years with different colors, finishes and effects, and can repaint almost anything with a few coats. But the real question is, what items look best with a shiny new coat of paint? Well, keep on reading to read about 5 things you should consider spray painting today:


  1. Fixtures & Knobs:  Though these items may be little, knobs and certain fixtures can sure get pricey when you need multiples for one area of the home. So instead of buying all new or replacing what you have, why not spray paint them to give them new life! This is a great way to save some money and update the look of the whole room with this little change. Consider spraying cabinet handles, knobs and even fixtures such as door handles. For easy spraying, use an empty egg carton upside down and poke the hardware through the carton to keep them steady while you paint.
  2. Garden Pots: This is a great idea if you’re wanting to make your garden look brand new without much cost. Simply, spray paint older plant pots that have seen better days or terra-cotta pots with a modern, stand out color that will make them look brand new. Not only will your garden space look refreshed, you can change the look as the mood strikes with a new coat of paint.
  3. Vent & Floor Registers: You may not notice the state of your vent and floor covers, but after a few years this items start to look battered and beaten up. So why not spruce them up with a coat of paint and make them look brand new. Make sure to remove them from the floor and spray outside so no paint fumes enter the house. You can choose to match your current design scheme or get bold and paint these registers with a funky metallic spray for a different and edgy look.
  4. Patio Chairs & Tables: Now that summer is here, you know you most likely will be spending a lot more time outside and on the patio furniture. However, before the relaxing starts take a good look at your furniture and see if it needs a touch up. Spray paint makes it easy to give new life to your outdoor items and the bonus is you can have a new color every season if you felt the need. Spray paint works great on wood and metal tables and chairs, so don’t be afraid to give your furniture a once over and refresh it for the summer months.
  5. Furniture: Last but certainly not least, when you’re on a budget crunch spray paint can save the day when it comes to home furniture. All you need is a little sand paper, spray paint and some patience to give your home items a face lift and a new look. We love the idea of spraying items such as dressers, tables, nightstands, light fixtures as it can save you from buying a new piece and brighten up your space in a matter of a few steps.

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