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Are you looking to design or renovate your home with a new Valor gas fireplace but need to know about specifications or other details? Over the past few years Valor has focused on supplying both our customers and dealers, as well home designers and architects, with as much information as we can to ensure that installing a fireplace is a breeze. Valor now offers architects and designers important dimensional information as well as CAD drawings for download.

Valor’s website offers users the ability to download DWG & PDF specification files for the entire product library on the CAD Drawings page. Not the right file type? Read below for alternatives on architectural file formats:


In 2014 Valor started a new partnership with which would allow us to supply CAD files in a number of different formats to architects and designers in one easy to go place. A big complaint from architects in the past has been how difficult it is to easily get these files without having to search for a long period of time.

CADdetails allows Valor to supply everything an architect or designer would need on one website. Click the link below to start downloading CAD files:

Valor’s CADdetails Profile

Product Specifications

Not interested in CAD files? That’s ok, Valor offers PDF specifications for all of our products via the Owner’s Manual Library. Find the specs you need by clicking here and don’t forget to choose a Valor!

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