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Valor’s SmartFire System

The Valor SmartFire System is the basic guide to the many features and benefits associated with a Valor radiant gas fireplace. Users can find this system on all of our printed brochures, as well as our website, as a way to ensure that both the customer and dealer are as well informed as possible before making a purchasing decision. An informed customer can make the decision process less of a hassle, and we hope that by explaining our system, we can make buying a Valor fireplace a simple, happy process.

With rising energy costs, we want to present Valor’s strategy for improving your home’s comfort while controlling your heating costs. Review an abbreviated version of the Valor SmartFire System below:

Valor SmartFire System

  • Locally owned and operated in the Pacific Northwest, every Valor fireplace is designed, manufactured and distributed for North America.
  • Design and manufacture for both new construction or home renovation – gas inserts and freestanding stoves provide a wide range of preference.
  • A Valor Fireplace will increase the overall value of your home and lower heating costs
  • Quality castings, artisan patina, brushed nickel and powder coated paints highlight contemporary and traditional designs to satisfy your needs.
  • No power, no problem with Valor – fully functional heaters that do not require electricity, Valor fireplaces provide the perfect mixture of radiant and convective heat, reducing the need for a noisy, inefficient fan
  • Like heat from the sun, Valor fireplaces distribute radiant warmth directly to your living space.
  • Quality engineering inside and out includes an aluminized steel firebox for preventing rust, custom heat exchanger designed to convect warmth and a flame modulating valve
  • Valor is known for turndowns that provide comfort control and magnificent flame appeal, even on low-fire, highlighting glowing embers and radiant warmth within.
  • Provide warmth to the spaces you frequent the most with a Valor fireplace – we call it zone heating.

For a more in depth look at the Valor SmartFire System, please click here.

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