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3 Must Haves For A Backyard Party


Summer is in full swing, which means you may be attending more events and maybe even hosting some in your own home! While it can be a big undertaking to entertain a group of people, the results are always worth it as you end up with a night of good company, great food and new memories! But now that you have the party planned, what are the must haves to make your party great? Well, we have gathered three of the top must haves for a backyard party, keep reading to find out what you need for your next bash:

  1. A Food Plan: When it really comes down to it, next to the guests the food is almost the most important part of hosting a party. No matter if you choose to host a BBQ full of hot dogs and hamburgers or a formal backyard dinner party with many courses, food plays a huge role in a great party. The key points to having a great food plan are to plan enough food for the whole crowd, usually enough for everyone to have seconds, a variety of drinks that will cater to those who prefer alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks and lastly making sure you have confirmed any allergies or food sensitivities with your guests to ensure they will be comfortable for the evening.  Having these key points in mind when you start planning the food portion of your party, can ensure that the event goes smoothly!
  2. Ambiance:  Setting a tone and feel for your party can make all the difference when it comes to your guests and how they enjoy their evening. This means putting some thought into the ambiance of your event and figuring out what fits the crowd best. Items like a party music playlist, lighting and candles can really influence the mood of your party, so make sure to think about these items ahead of time and be prepared to set a great tone for your whole evening.
  3. Comfort: Last but least, comfort is extremely important when it comes to hosting guests well and enjoying the evening in full. One factor that is a must for comfort is seating, as it’s important to make sure you have enough seats or chairs for your guests so no one is left uncomfortable or standing. It can also be important to keep an eye on temperature, whether your inside or outside for the event as this will impact your guests directly. If you happen to own a Valor Fireplace either indoor or outside, don’t forget to turn it on when the cool summer night sets in and make sure everyone stays warm and comfortable. The flickering flames of your Valor will also add to the ambiance of your event, leaving everyone feeling cozy as the night comes to a close.

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