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3 Ways To Make Your House Feel Warm & Cozy


Almost everyone you talk to will agree – they want their house to feel as warm and comfortable as possible. This means having a cozy and inviting  space for all to enjoy, a level of warmth that comes from the items and accessories in the home and finding a balance between keeping the home comfortable and still having it look great. To achieve this, it will call for a few changes but before you know it your home will give off a comforting vibe that all will feel as they enter and spend time in the home. Keep reading to learn about 3 ways to make your home feel warm and cozy below:

  1. Curtains: Most think that curtains are just for a designer touch or as a practical window covering, but surprisingly curtains can do a lot more to make your home feel warm and extra comfortable.  By adding in curtains to your main spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms or even within a front entrance, you bring in a layer of warmth that will play off the coolness of the window and the outside scenery. Try to choose curtains or material types that match your room feel and will play off other colors and accents within the room as this will help pull the entire look together. For example, in the dining room you may want a heavy and luxurious curtain whereas, in your front entrance, you could choose a lighter material that will flow with the traffic of in and out guests and family members.
  2. Layered Lighting: While stand-alone lighting is important to every single room, you can’t forget to layer different types of lighting in each room to create an overall warmth. To achieve this feeling, try to choose lights in different forms and shapes to create a layered feel within each room. For example, you may have a large light fixture in the center of the room that provides nice bright light so to add to that you would want to add a standing light or table lamp to bring in a lower light source. To complete the look, you could also consider adding in some candles or battery operated light to add small but cozy accents to the room. By creating this layered effect, you will help the home not only stand out but feel comfortable by having different tones and shades spread throughout the space.
  3. Fireplace: Last but not least, what better way to bring warmth into a room than to do so with a fireplace. Whether you choose to install a beautiful Valor Fireplace that provides radiant warmth throughout the whole room or go for a smaller, electric fireplace to fit the room, by adding in those flickering flames you will provide instant comfort that everyone can enjoy. Fireplaces also act as a great focal point for any room in the home and can provide a place for everyone to gather after a chilly, long day.

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