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Fall Curb Appeal Ideas

There is no better way to celebrate and embrace Fall then to decorate your home inside and out! In fact, if you haven’t noticed, our lifestyle blog has been celebrating Fall all month long covering topics such as the best Fall wreaths, exciting Fall treats and even some Autumn inspiration for your Valor Fireplace! But today, we’re getting outside and reviewing some great ideas to bring some Fall curb appeal to your home and really show off your seasonal spirit! Keep reading to find out how you can bring some Fall curb appeal to your home and really embrace the season of Fall:

Plant Fall Flowers

When you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home and also celebrate the season, why not consider planting some Fall flowers in the front of your home? Not only will these new plants refresh the look of your front yard, the beautiful colors will act as natural decorations for the front of your home and the entrance. The best Fall flowers that come packed with a rich, colorful punch are Asters, Fall Mums, Turtleheads, Crocus or even Witch Hazel.

Keep Up With Fall 

Fall can always be guaranteed to bring in beautiful colors, but usually in the form of dropped leaves.  While they might look nice, it’s still important to keep up with the leaves and get them raked up and organized so they don’t overwhelm your yard. So, make sure to take some time to rake and clean up the front yard regularly through the fall season to make your home is looking its best and to reduce the work as we near the end of the season.

Decorate With The Seasonal Colors

Lastly, when you’re looking to bring some Fall curb appeal to your yard and front entrance, consider decorating with Fall items and colors to really show off your festive side. Whether you choose to decorate with something as simple as a few pumpkins and a fun wreath or want to go all out by creating a Fall display on your porch, make sure to show off your personality by the display you choose. Try to even your design out if your decorating on either side of your front door and make sure to start small with your decorations and add slowly to avoid overcrowding your front entrance and yard.


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