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4 Home Tasks To Complete This November

Now that October has come to a close, we can now welcome November with open arms! As we do that, it’s important to remember that November can bring colder temperatures and a change in the weather pattern, so it makes for a great time to get a few things done in and outside of the home before the season changes. These tasks won’t take too much time and will be well worth it for your home in the long run. Keep reading to find out which 4 tasks you should complete for this November:

  1. Clean Your Fireplace: As the cold weather starts to creep in, we start to use our fireplaces on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s a great time to get your fireplace clean and make sure everything is working well. Spend some time cleaning the glass, the barrier screen, the trim, dust the firebox, and ensure your fireplace remote has new batteries and is ready to be used. For more information on how to clean your Valor Fireplace, please visit here.
  2. Prepare Winter Supplies: There is nothing worse than scrambling for your winter tools and supplies in the worst weather, so to avoid that now is a great time to prepare what you’ll need. Make sure to organize your winter tools such as shovels, snowblowers or road salt and have them in an easy to reach place so if bad weather hits you’re ready to go. This is also a great time to review your emergency home kit to make sure you have the proper provisions and that your kit is up to date and full of everything you will need.
  3. Organize Your Garage:  The garage may seem like a place you don’t need to worry about, but it can help to have it organized before the winter arrives as it’s a great place for your car to keep dry and any other supplies you may need. Take this time to clean out the garage of anything you may not need and get it organized to allow space for your car to pull in or any other vehicle that may need to be protected.  Make sure to tuck away any decorations from the previous season that you may not need and donate anything extra that is no longer needed.
  4. Set Up The Guest Room: Lastly, the winter and holidays can be a busy time for guests to come and go in your home. So, to prepare for this it’s important to give your guest space or room a once over and update anything that might need it. Change the bedding, prepare fresh towels and toiletries, and make sure that your guest room hasn’t collected any dust or unnecessary items that may need to be organized. By accomplishing this ahead of time, you won’t be scrambling to get the room ready as your guests walk in the door.

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