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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

The holiday’s are slowly sneaking around the corner and once they arrive everyone becomes extra busy as they celebrate the season. So, before the chaos begins why not get your home prepped and ready so you have less to do when the fun starts! This means tackling a few key areas in your home, prepping the most used areas and giving your house and overall look to make sure everything is perfect before December. 

Check out the list below for 5 ways to prepare your home for the holidays:

  1. Prepare Your Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most-used spaces over the holiday’s due to the number of meals cooked within the next few months. Because of that, it’s super important to prepare your kitchen for all this action. To do this, consider going through your cupboards and stocking up on any cooking essentials you will use regularly, giving your kitchen a super deep clean and also ensure all your appliances and cookware are working well.  By confirming these things ahead of time, you won’t be left scrambling when it comes to crunch time.
  2. Check Over Your Living Spaces: This is something most don’t think about, but when you’re hosting your living space will be the main area for everyone to gather in. So, make sure to check the space and tackle any projects you have been waiting on. Check over storage spaces, give your couch and seating a vacuum, launder all blankets and check in on all lights to make sure light bulbs won’t be burning out anytime soon. This is also a great time to check over your Valor Fireplace to make sure everything is working well to ensure your guests will be warm and toasty.
  3. Create A Meal Plan: Because cooking is such a big part of the holiday’s, it may be wise to create a meal plan for the month and plan out what you will need to do for the season. Plan out all large dinners, lunches, and special breakfasts. Also, consider having a food plan for guests who may drop by as you want to ensure you will have food on hand to serve in a pinch.
  4. Set Up Guest Space: If you have guest space in your home,  this is the time to get it ready before the holiday’s and the guests arrive. Take the time to set up the guest space by preparing fresh linens, adding in items such as towels and guest items and make sure the room is completely ready to save you time later on. This is also a great time to add a little personal touch to the room if you already have guests who are planned to arrive. Consider adding in their favorite treats or some home information such as the wifi password and an extra key.
  5. Tackle Clutter: Lastly, consider combing over your home and look out for cluttered spaces.  The holiday’s can bring in a ton of extra clutter with presents, decor and extra items that will take up valuable space. So, to balance things out remove any clutter that can be stored or removed, minimize home decorations if you plan to bring in Christmas themed decorations and create bins or space where extra items can be stored for later use.


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