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The color of the year has officially been announced and this year it’s a bright and bold color that is ready to make a statement: Greenery!

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Pantone set their sights on this beautiful, bright color and it’s no wonder why it’s number one this year. This greenery color is not only refreshing but marks the celebration of new and fresh beginnings within our lives, homes and around the world. So, in light of that why not bring this zesty color into aspects of your home so we’re constantly reminded to start each day renewed, refreshed and awake.


What a better way to do that, then to go for a bold entrance to the front of your home. By using this greenery color or a similar shade you will have something bright to look forward to every day and it creates an inviting front environment with a few paint strokes. This great color also brings out the fine details that lie within your entrance and can give the door some true character day in and day out. Use some natural and neutral colors that will mix well with this fun shade and you will have the perfect combination.

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If you feel that bringing the bright greenery shade into your home is overwhelming in a large-scale, start with something small and more natural. A great way to achieve this is by bringing in plants in different shades of green to brighten your home and to add some natural texture to your space. Not only do these living plants bring in the color of the year, certain plants can improve air quality in your home to ensure your breathing in the freshest of air possible.

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A greenery palette can bring a solid amount of peace, light, and relaxation to almost any room that you apply it to. Keeping that in mind, the bathroom makes a perfect place for this bright and invigorating color because when paired with clean whites and dark wood, you instantly have a place of solace that can give you a break from the everyday chaos of life. Consider an accent wall of bright green to freshen up your space and let it shine through the whole room. You can also bring out the true shade of the color by adding in small accent pieces or artwork that reflect a small amount of the same color.

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Lastly, to bring the tone of greenery into your home without making an oversized statement consider letting the color shine through your small decor pieces. Vases, glass decor, frames or even mirror trims can show off the true beauty of the color while mixing in with the rest of your decor scheme. Try out different layers and shades to see what works best and don’t be afraid to switch out items as the season’s change. After all, a refreshing color like this can last all year round and bring a bright and happy feeling into your home.

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