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3 Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

In most living spaces, you’ll find comfortable couches surrounding a center table known as a coffee table! The name “coffee table” came about in 1920’s due to the fact that most tables of this type are lower in height and provided a great place to put your coffee. However, since then this functional surface has become so much more and works for as a strong surface for a display of your favorite items and personality.  The challenge is styling your coffee table in a way that shows off your personal style while avoiding a cluttered and full appearance. So, if you’re ready to learn how to style your own coffee table, keep reading for some helpful tips:


  1. Start With A Base: Like any good project or styling challenge, a base can help set the tone for the whole look.  In this case, using a decorative tray works as a great base for styling your coffee table as it provides a new layer of dimension to the table and allows your items to be contained while still looking great. Consider low or high style trays, something from a local vintage shop or a brand new glossy tray that demands attention.
  2. Mix Up The Size: When you’re deciding on items to display on the coffee table, you want to make sure to find a balance when it comes to the size of each item. Avoid going with many heavy, chunky items as it can make the table feel crowded and cluttered. The same thought applies to small items as the display can look unfinished and unorganized. For the perfect balance, create a mix of items in different sizes to create a beautiful arrangement that won’t overshadow the table or the surrounding room.
  3. Rotate Often:  Once you’ve decided on a look and mix of items for your coffee table display, don’t feel like your design is permanent.  By rotating items every so often and changing out certain pieces depending on the season, it can refresh the look of the display without much work. This is also a great guideline to follow when you decided to use natural or fresh items like plants and flowers.

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