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4 Ways To Create A Stunning Accent Wall

In home design, we are seeing more and more homes with bold, eye-catching accent walls that draw the attention of anyone who enters. These walls are a great statement in almost any room and can really give the space a sense of personality and character. However, the difficult part of creating an accent wall is deciding where you want to put it in your home and what material works best! So, if you’re looking for some new inspiration for your home’s accent wall, keep reading to find out more:

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When you want to create an accent wall but you struggle to commit to a permanent design, paint is the perfect solution! This way you can create a dramatic accent wall and if you find you don’t love it after a few months it can easily be changed. When you are ready to paint your accent wall, consider what kind of look you want when you choose your paint. For example, a dark accent wall in a light room will create a dramatic finish that will stand out in the space. Whereas a complimentary color choice to your room’s existing paint color will create a new dimension in the room while keeping it fairly natural.

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Wood Panels

Wood walls have become super popular in the last year and will continue to shine through 2017. So, if you want to stray away from traditional paint and try something with a little more texture why not consider wood panels? The choices for materials are endless from peel and stick tiles, laminate flooring or even recycled barn or crate wood. By adding in this new texture to your home, you will create a whole new look for the room by just changing one wall.

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It seems that wallpaper used to be viewed as a vintage look and most times would be ripped down or covered over. However, wallpaper is making a storming comeback and is being viewed as a great material for accent walls! Most papers you see nowadays has a beautiful finish, exciting patterns and can really add character to almost any space. Make sure to take your time deciding on a pattern or style you can live with for a while as wallpaper while beautiful, can still be a bit of a task to put up on the wall.

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Lastly for a dramatic and somewhat rustic look, a stone finish can make a fantastic material choice for an accent wall in your home. By using stone you will allow the wall to take on a strong texture that will stand out above the rest and add character to any space. This finish can pair well with high ceilings and tall walls to make a true designer impact within your home.

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