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How Small Decor Changes Can Make A Big Statement

Sometimes when it comes to home design, we think we need to go big to make a real statement. However, with the new style and trends appearing lately, it seems that a few small changes can say a lot more than some of the bigger, more drastic choices. The trick is finding the decor changes that work well for your space and represent your overall personality and style. Keep reading to find out how small decor changes can make a big statement in your home:


Rearrange Your Space

One of the easiest and cost-free ways to make a small change to a big space is to rearrange your existing furniture. You can make small swaps such a changing lamps and rugs to different areas in within a room or throughout the home or go for something big like shifting furniture from place to place.  You may find, that by making this small change that you see your space in a new light and find a deeper love for the things you already have in the room. The best perk is, that if you don’t love it after some thought you can change it around again without much hassle.

Add Fresh Greenery 

We’ve said it again and again, but fresh greenery can make all the difference almost anywhere in the home. This is because plants, flowers, natural wood and anything else that brings in some texture can change the feeling of a room in an instant and bring a bit of the outside in. So, when you are ready for a small touch that can say a lot try bringing in some natural elements to your home to freshen the space and bring in some new life.

Use Your Fireplace Mantle

If you find your fireplace mantle collects more dust than attention, maybe it’s time to make a small change that can make a big impact. By decorating or creating a small arrangement of items on your fireplace mantle you can add to your existing space, while giving creating a focal point for the room that grabs the eye. Consider using a mix of glass vases, framed photos, candles, or even something as simple as your favorite decor pieces. These small add-ons will make for a more personal look and change the style of the room without changing much at all.

Change Your Artwork

Do you find that keep the same artwork in the same place within your home? It’s not surprising as it can be so easy to get comfortable with certain pieces that you forget to change things up. However, changing artwork can make a really big statement without much work as it will bring in new colors and visual aspects into the room. If you don’t feel like purchasing anything new, consider switching out prints within frames around the house or simply just switching one piece with another to refresh the look. If you are ready for a new look, purchase some interchangeable pieces that can be used in different places throughout the home.

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