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Choosing The Right Paint For Your Home

Choosing and applying paint colors to the walls of your home can be a difficult challenge even in the smallest of rooms.  This usually becomes a hard task because of what type of room you’re dealing with whether it be the lighting, the decor in the surrounding area or even the size of the room.  So, to make the decision easier it’s important to keep a few key tips in mind when you’re choosing the right paint and color for your room. Keep reading to find out more:

Start With Inspiration

Like any good project, it can help to have some inspiration on hand before you even start considering paint colors for the room. By choosing an item or picture that speaks to you and the room your working with it can help you narrow down what color and look fits the room and what you really love. It can be anything from your favorite coffee mug to a page from a magazine or a pillow that stands out to you.  Whatever you choose, use it as a starting point for your project and choices and make sure to take it with you when you’re ready to start picking out colors.

Test Your Options

One of the most important steps to selecting paint for your room is taking the time to test out your options on the walls.  So, when you have narrowed down your choices to a few contenders, purchase a small amount of sample paint for each one and bring it home. Paint each of the samples on the wall and allow them to dry. Once applied to the walls, take the time to look at each one and see how they work with the other aspects of the room such as lighting, room size etc.  If you have the project time, leave these samples up for a few days and look them over during different times of days to get a true feel of how these colors will work on your walls. This step can make choosing a paint color much easier and make it less likely you’ll end up unhappy with your choices.

Consider Neutrals

It may seem like a safe bet to paint a room with a neutral color, but it has been tried and proven that neutrals can last in a home for many years. Now, it all depends on what look you’re really trying to achieve within your home. If you want to go bold in a smaller space, then you can scrap this advise and paint as you wish. However, when it comes to a larger space it’s usually a smart choice to go with a neutral yet exciting color that can be accented by bold decor items and furniture. Also, if you want a little of both worlds consider a mostly neutral room with an accent wall that will really pop within the space.

Choose The Proper Sheen

Lastly, it’s extremely important to consider the type of sheen that fits your room and lifestyle. For example, high gloss sheen is great for rooms that have lots of traffic or even for a child’s room as this sheen can be easily wipe down as marks appear. However, the downside to high gloss sheen is it does have a tendency to show imperfections easier.  On the flip side, a matte sheen works great for walls that have pre-existing dents and imperfections as it does a great job at hiding these marks but can be harder to clean when used in a high traffic area. Lastly, the most popular sheen for most homes is eggshell sheen as it’s the most durable choice and can last for a long time without needing major touch ups.  Whatever choose, consider all aspects of your room and how it will be used before deciding on a sheen.

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