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2017 has arrived and it’s come packed with new home and design trends that can’t be missed! The new year brings some fantastic new home trends and some features that we’ve seen in the past that are now making a serious comeback. So, if you’re planning a renovation on your existing home, building a new home this year or simply looking for some new ideas to refresh space, make sure to read ahead to stay up to date on the latest interior home trends for 2017.

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Green Color Palettes

A few posts ago on this very lifestyle blog we discussed the Pantone color of the year Greenery! It has made a bold entrance into the new year and now we’re seeing it on bigger and bolder scales whether it be main living spaces or luxurious bedrooms. This color catches the attention of eye and gives you a strong base to work with for accent pieces, furniture, and lighting. The great thing about using a green color in your space is you can add in different shades without overwhelming the room and it promotes the feeling of a fresh, rejuvenated space that helps you start every day in a brand new light.

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Terracotta Tile:

We’ve seen terracotta in the past and it’s fallen in and out of style as the years have gone by. But this past year and this upcoming year have something in common and that is that terracotta is here and looks like it’s here to stay. Designers are loving terracotta tile for the warm appearance it can give a room and for its originality when you want to stray away from the normal floor choices such as wood flooring or traditional tile. If you aren’t 100% about the use of terracotta tiles, start in a small space and go for a matte finish to keep the modern look while still bringing in something new and exciting.

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Bold Lighting:

Bold lighting has never really faded away when we talk about trends, but it has taken a back seat to more simple and straightforward lighting concepts in the past years. However, this year it’s time to take some risks in home design and add in those strong, oversized fixtures that give the room a centerpiece while adding a beautiful light to the surrounding space. While these bold fixtures work well in large, open spaces don’t be afraid to add them to smaller areas such as kitchens or living spaces for a big impact on a smaller space.

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Gray & Neutral Tones:

Lastly, while we may see shades of gray and neutrals on a regular basis in homes worldwide, this is still an interior trend that has stuck around for a few years and one that will continue to shine through the year of 2017. We’re seeing quite a few designers head towards a strong neutral palette as the base for many rooms such kitchens, living spaces, dining rooms and bathrooms because this type of palette gives such a modern and clean base to work from. From here you can continue to add in more bright whites to accent the neutral palette or you can add in bold colors and design elements that really shine and stand out nicely within the room. Using a mix of gray, white, beige, and taupe can really bring an element of clean design to any room and it leaves you with a large amount of options for additional decorating.

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