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5 Home Features To Upgrade With Paint


It’s amazing what a clean coat of paint can do to a room, a fixture or even your favorite piece of furniture. Somehow, by adding that smooth color and fresh coat it gives the item or space your working on new life and makes the home feel refreshed without much work. So, why not take a look around your home and see what you can upgrade! All you’ll need is your favorite color of paint, a few hours and some creativity and before you know it, your space will feel brand new! Keep reading to find out which 5 home features you should upgrade with paint:


If you want to start the updating process in a big way, go for the walls of your home. Whether you choose to paint a stand out accent wall, update the colors within the rooms or even apply a touch-up coat to your existing paint it will be well worth it. By applying a fresh coat to your walls, it will help the room feel brand new and it will give it a clean update that it may be needing! Consider a new color if you’re ready for a change and if you decide in a few months it doesn’t work for your space it can be easily changed.

Fixtures & Hardware

It may seem to be easier to purchase new hardware and fixtures when you tire of the old choices, but don’t throw them out just yet! You can easily update items such as handles, knobs or even plumbing fixtures with a quick coat of paint that gives them a new style. We prefer using spray paint in this case as you will get a smooth finish and it will only take a few coats to get the look you want. Make sure to check out the different metallic spray paints available including those made especially for fixtures and hardware!


After a while, certain furniture begins to look older and tired which usually leads to replacement. But instead, why not look at these pieces another way and consider giving them some new life with a coat of paint. Anything from dressers to storage cabinets can look like a new piece altogether when a new color is applied. Start small by choosing one or two pieces to makeover and take some time planning out what colors you prefer and what you want for a finished project. Once you’re done you might just love that old piece of furniture once again.

Front Door

For a bold change, consider painting and updating your front door! After all, this is your home’s first impression so it might as well look fresh and updated for anyone who may enter. This is also a  great time to consider updating items like the hinges, accents, and doorknobs (see above for some great ideas). Once you make these small changes, you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes and pleased that your front entrance now has some extra personality.

Decor Items

Lastly, if you’re not ready to make a big commitment to changing items within or around your home why not start small? You can update simple decor pieces such as vases, decorative accents or lighting with a small touch of paint. This is a great way to try out some bold colors without committing to a large project and these little changes can make a massive difference.  Pick a few of your favorite pieces and give them a new style!

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