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Fireplace Finishing Options

When you’re in the process of choosing a finishing material for your fireplace, the options can be extremely overwhelming. This is because you can go so many different directions and the finish you choose will really set the tone for the rest of the room. Because of this, you want to make sure you take the time to consider all options and take into consideration your personal style before making a final decision on materials. Luckily, we have gathered some of the most popular finishes that will make a statement within your home.

Keep reading to learn more about the available options:


One of the most popular choices for fireplace finishes is tile. This is because tile comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures and the options are truly endless when you’re making a decision. Tile is such a great choice as it can be a timeless way to surround your fireplace and you will find that tile is a long lasting material you won’t tire of. It’s also great as you can choose to go with a simple, straight design or try something a little different by using geometric designs that will add flair to the surround of your fireplace.



If you prefer a classic, more traditional look for your fireplace surround you should consider using brick. Brick brings a touch of history to the home while adding in classic style that will stand out in any setting. Brick also is a long-standing material that will age with time, however that age will give more character as the years go on and will tell a story within your home. Consider adding in neutral colors within the room to play off the stand out look of brick to really bring the room together.



When you’re considering using marble as a finish for your home fireplace, you will be adding an elegant look to the room simply by going in this direction. Marble is a beautiful fireplace finish that adds a slim yet elevated appearance to your home and brings in a touch of class with its smooth finish. Marble will stand up to the test of time and has been said to be easy to clean over the years which can make it a user-friendly choice. Not only will this rich looking texture upgrade the look of the home it will also allow you to style your room in a way that stands out above the rest and demands attention.


This finish choice is exclusive to Valor Fireplace as it allows you to use the natural texture of wood as a fireplace finish in combination with Valor’s HeatShift Technology.  In any setting, this wood finish becomes a show stopper and a focal point to the room as it’s not a finish you’ll see often when paired with a fireplace. It will bring out the natural highlights in the room while looking modern with any furniture or room style. Valor’s HeatShift System allows the heat to be distributed to the higher vent, which redistributes the heat from the finish and front of the fireplace, making this wonderful wood finish possible.

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