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4 Tips For Mixing Styles Within The Home

There are so many different types of styles and designs nowadays and it can be hard to stick to just one. Styles range from rustic, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, victorian to art deco and the list keeps going. Most homes are filled with design inspirations from different eras and styles. However, what if you find yourself loving multiple styles? Well, that is perfectly okay because styles can be mixed as long as you keep a few key elements in mind when you do so! Keep reading to get 4 important tips for mixing styles within the home:


  1. Try Similar Colors:  The first key to mixing different design styles is starting with alike colors. For example, if you have a modern white dining table that is in need of chairs, consider a different style such as rustic, worn chairs in a similar shade of white to create a cohesive yet eclectic look. This way you can have a mix of styles without straying away from your general style plan.
  2. Create Balance: When it comes to mixing anything in home design balance will always be key. This means pairing items of similar size and weight together, even if they derive from different styles or looks. By creating this balance, the different styles combine together and they become an attractive set that shows off your difference in taste without appearing mismatched.
  3. Choose A Base Style: If you are trying to mix large and small pieces or furniture, consider deciding on a base style to start the process. This means if you love victorian furniture, make that your base style so the larger pieces all fall into that same genre. However, when it comes to choosing accent pieces and decor items this is the time to bring in a different style and really create a new look that includes your favorite pieces and shows them off.
  4. Mix & Match: Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and pieces to create a beautiful grouping. Take the time to find alike pieces in different styles and group them together to get a feel for what look great within the room your working with. Keep trying different pieces and decor items until you find the right combination that fits your overall style plan for the most cohesive look. This practice will help show off the different styles you love while keeping a designer look and feel.

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