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Comparing Legend G3.5 Burner Options

Legend G3.5 Insert Series shown with Murano Glass, Fluted Black Liner and Floating Trim Kit in Vintage Iron Powder Coat

Are you in the market for a sleek, efficient gas insert fireplace? Look no further than the Valor Legend G3.5 Insert Series, which boasts over two decades of design innovation. A radiant and highly efficient insert – paired with our ValorStat control technology – offers the ultimate comfort control for your home or living space. The G3.5 also offers Valor Dynamic Restrictor Technology (or VDRT) which automatically adjusts air flow within the fireplace, increasing thermal efficiencies.

Now that you know some of the details, it’s time to decide on an engine and fuel bed combination. View the videos below to pick the best option for your home:

Stainless Steel Burner Options (700IN/IP Engine):


Ceramic Burner Options (700XN/XP Engine):


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