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How To Display Fresh Flowers

While the temperatures outside may still be chilly, it doesn’t mean the inside can’t feel warm and fresh! A great way to bring that feeling into your home is to decorate and display fresh flowers! Now, when it comes to displaying flowers you don’t have to stick to the traditional vase and water as there are so many creative ways to show off your fresh, colorful blooms. Keep reading to find out how to display fresh flowers in your home:


Pic Credit: VintageWhites

Vintage Tins

Instead of using a traditional vase, why not repurpose something old to make it look new again? Using vintage tins, containers or unique package containers you can give your arrangement a creative touch. Not only will this help your flowers stand out, it gives the whole look a little bit of edge by straying away from a clear vase. Don’t be afraid to try a cluster of vintage items and filling them with a few blooms each.


Pic Credit: Yourhomebasedmom


Mason Jars

Mason jars have become more popular as the years go by, so why not use them as a home for your fresh flowers? They make great vases for any type of flowers and can be left plain or painted for a creative touch. For example, the picture above shows some vintage mason jars painted with spray paint and painter’s tape to add a little texture and character to each jar. The best thing is you can use whatever color looks best with your design scheme and they look great alone or in a group.

Pic Credit: Prettystems

Pitcher Vase

When you’re looking to display flowers, make sure to look around the house for different items that may work as you’re base. For example, if you have a juice pitcher or even an old watering can they can make great vessels for your fresh flower display. Not only do they add a different touch to your arrangement, it allows you to add in a large bouquet due to the different sizes. This arrangement works great as a centerpiece or a stand-alone display of fresh flowers.


Pic Credit: Thisgrandmaisfun

Door Wreath

Lastly, it’s important to consider different areas to display your flowers including your front door! This fun, spring-inspired wreath combines fresh flowers and an everyday umbrella but leaves you with an adorable welcome piece for your front entrance. You can make this your own by looking for items that may hang well on the front door and fill the inside with your favorite spring flower! This will brighten up the entrance to your home and provide a fresh feel as you leave and enter your home every day.

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