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3 Tips For Decluttering Your Home

As Spring finally appears over the next few weeks, now is the time to declutter and tackle some key areas in your home. This is a great time to do this as Winter can keep us close to home, which usually means we have collected more items that begin to build up within our common spaces. While it may seem overwhelming to tackle the clutter in your home it is very important for your health, home design and general well-being. Keep reading to learn 3 tips that can help you declutter your home:


  1. Start With A Plan: It’s well-known that the best projects usually start with a plan. Decluttering is no different as it’s important to put a plan in place to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed when you attempt to tackle the worst areas in your home. So start simple, create a list of the spaces or areas of the home that need to be decluttered (if it is your whole home, then write out the worst to the least areas). Make that list your first priority to start with and start with the area that needs the most help. By starting with the largest items on your list, you will pick up momentum as you clean and the little spots won’t seem like much work at all.
  2. Create Rules: Rules are also important when it comes to this process as it can be easy to get lost in sentimental value. So, create some rules for yourself, note them down and stick to them. For example, Anything you haven’t used or thought about in the last 6 months is automatically gone or perhaps if you insist on keeping some items give yourself a number limit. By creating and sticking to these rules, you won’t have much wiggle room and it will help you make the decisions you may get stuck on.
  3. Sort It Out: Last but not least, make 3 clear areas as you work through the process. Have an open pile for the items that will stay, create a box for donation and grab a few garbage bags for the to be thrown out pile. By having an open pile for the items you decide to keep, it gives you a clear look at what your hanging on to and how important those items are. On the flip side, by having closed areas for the donation and throw out pile, it doesn’t allow you to look back and reconsider what you’ve decided to get rid of or pass on.


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