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How To Incorporate Herringbone Into Your Home

While herringbone may not be a new pattern, we’re seeing it pop up more regularly in homes all over the world. This is because it is a modern, fresh pattern that can be applied in so many ways and it can change the look of a whole room with a simple installation. The difficult part is deciding how you want to showcase this wonderful pattern in your home as the options are truly endless and you can really get creative with it’s application. So, make sure to keep reading ahead to find out how you can incorporate herringbone into your home:

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Long gone is the idea that patterns are just for the wall or tile, as we’re now seeing it within wood flooring as well.  By using this edgy, modern pattern within your floor layout you will be adding a textural touch to a space that normally would be kept straight and simple. Once you’ve decided to go with a herringbone pattern for the flooring, make sure to play the rest of your decor and furniture off this choice keeping with a modern design scheme. While this may be a bold choice, it is a great choice for when you’re looking for a little something extra that will improve your space.


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A more traditional way to display a herringbone pattern is within tiling that can be placed on the walls of kitchens, floors, bathrooms or as a stand alone backsplash.  This style of tile can bring a touch of modern to any space without taking away from your existing design and works well with almost any color palette. So, whether you’re looking to redo a brand new space or planning on adding to an additional area this herringbone is a great choice as it can really make a statement and it is available in many different colors that allow you to get creative and really add something special to the area your working with.


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Lastly, when you want to incorporate herringbone into your home in a less permanent way, consider doing so through the furniture you choose for your space. A popular choice is to choose a table whether it be a coffee table or dining room table that carries the pattern throughout, giving the piece a rustic yet edgy look. The best part about choosing to bring in the pattern this way is, it allows you to create your style around this piece or helps you bring a bit of a modern touch into more of a traditional room.

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