Portrait Driftwood
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Introducing Driftwood for the Portrait Series

Portrait Driftwood
Valor’s Portrait Engine shown with the Clearview front, Driftwood fuel bed and Reflective Glass Liner

The successful Driftwood fire, found on popular models such as the Legend G3 insert, Madrona Freestanding or zero-clearance H5 models, has now been incorporated into the 530 Portrait Series. Choose between the standard fluted black or brick liners, or go with the optional reflective glass liner for optimal flame enhancement.

The addition of the 530DWK Driftwood to the Portrait lineup allows our customers more options over the standard log, rock or coal fires.

Watch Now

View a video of the new 530DWK by watching below:


Learn More

To learn more about the Portrait Series and the new Driftwood option, visit valorfireplaces.com/portrait.

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