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3 DIY Home Pallet Projects

While wood pallets may appear to be simple and industrial, they actually make great project material for items within the home. You can make furniture, accent walls, storage and even outdoor seating that will have a unique handmade look to it. The best part is you will be saving money and the environment by re-purposing materials that would most likely end up unused in the end.  Check out the 3 DIY projects you can create with pallets below:

Pic Credit: cape27


  1. DIY Pallet Wall: If you’re looking for a unique feature wall within your home, you should consider using pallets to create a wood textured wall that will stand out in any room. This wall with take a little bit of handy work to put together, but the finished product is more than worth it! You will need a few basic tools, pallets and maybe an extra person to help you get the wall installed. However, one of the great perks of this wall is it will cost less than $100 to create which is impressive if you price it out next to a traditional wood feature wall.  Click the picture above for more information and for instructions.

    Pic Credit: farmhousemade
  2. Pallet Blanket Ladder:  Blanket ladders are on the rise in home design due to their look and for the simple fact that you can store and display blankets all in one go. However, blanket ladders can sure be expensive and sometimes that isn’t in the budget. So instead, why not create your own blanket ladder that will look great in any room and will have a personal custom touch as it will be made by you! You can size it to exactly what you need, depending on the room and you can also stain it if you want a certain shade to match your current design. Click the picture for more information and the instructions.

    Pic Credit: 99pallets
  3. Pallet Entry Bench: When it comes to pallet projects, you will see a lot of options for seating whether it be an outdoor pallet seat set or a classic outdoor bench, In this case, you can create a pallet bench that can be used in the home as entry way seating that will catch the eye of everyone who visits.  You will be able to custom create your bench to the size and look that you need and you’ll be able to add a soft cushion on top of the bench to add comfort and design to your project. This is a great project if you find yourself searching for that perfect sized bench because you can size it to exactly what you need for your space. Click the picture for more information and instructions. 

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