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5 Tips To Make Your Home Magazine Worthy


Do you ever find yourself looking through magazines and watching designer TV shows, wishing you had the picture perfect spaces you see? Well, while it may be hard to recreate those looks exactly, your home can still look like a space taken right out of a designer publication with a few key changes. You’ll need to get a little creative but you can create a beautiful home that will leave that envy feeling behind and leave you with a designer looking space. Keep reading to get 5 tips on how to make your home magazine worthy.


  1. Remove Clutter: Clutter is the number one reason why a home will feel cramped and unwelcoming. So, you can see why removing clutter will be the first step into creating a magazine-worthy look to your home. Take time to survey your space and find the areas that tend to gather the most clutter. These are the spaces where you’ll need to change, either by adding more functional options for handling incoming items or removing these items all together and creating a clear, clean space.
  2. Work From Inspiration: There is nothing wrong with gathering some inspiration as you try to make your home look amazing. Have a look through your favorite magazines, books, and pictures to see what you’re really drawn to and why. By having a few inspiration looks to work off of, you will find that your focus is narrowed when you go to tackle your own space. This will also help keep you inspired as you work in your own home to make it picture perfect,
  3. Make Simple Changes: While it may seem like the largest changes make the biggest impact, it’s actually small, precise changes that can really change the look of a room. Whether it’s reorganizing a few surfaces in your home or taking a collection from two items to three items, making little designer inspired changes can make your home look amazing. 
  4. Consider Colors: Colors can be extra important when it comes to creating a photo worthy space because the right color really does draw the eye directly to it. This can be a bold pop of color that is found in a throw blanket or pillow, or it can be as simple as adding a bold chair to a rather simple space. On the flip side, don’t forget to use a few combinations of whites within the space as well as the contrast can really make for a clean, designer look.
  5. Don’t Forget The Fresh:  The last rule of thumb when it comes to creating a beautiful space should be, don’t forget the fresh. This can be anything such as fresh flowers, live plants, fresh produce or even natural wood. By bringing in fresh elements into your space you will add new textures and colors that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Find the fresh pieces that you love the most and really help those items stand out to give your space the designer touch it deserves.

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