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AutoFire now on the G3.5 & G4

AutoFire Now Available for Legend G4 & G3.5 Insert Engines

The Legend G4 & G3.5 insert engines have been upgraded to include the all new AutoFire System found on the recently introduced 739M Legend G3 engines.

The benefits of AutoFire include:

  • Dynamically tunes the fireplace for peak performance
  • Improved P4 – new engines are above 70% for both natural gas and propane
  • Improves cold weather start ups
  • Improves operating efficiency, saving energy
  • Fixed restrictors can’t match the AutoFire for performance
  • Located in the flue collar for ease of access

The AutoFire equipped models get a new model number to associate the upgrade:

*Note that the 700XN/XP is unchanged as it already had the AutoFire system.

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For further information, manuals and more please visit the Legend G3.5 Inserts & Legend G4 Inserts pages.

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