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4 Ways To Be A Great Host


As we enter the holiday season, this usually means we will be seeing guests, family, and visitors within our home. Whether you’re having a few people over for a quiet dinner or if you have a weekend full of guests staying, it’s important to be the best host possible. We have gathered some of the most important tips when it comes to being a great host, keep reading to find out more.

Prepare In Advance

The best thing you can do when it comes to hosting is to prepare in advance for any guests that may visit. By preparing your home, laying out a plan for food and drinks and thinking ahead about what your guests might need you will find less stress on the day of. If it helps, create a list of the most important things to be done to make sure nothing is forgotten because in the long run, you may find your more organized as the event approaches.

Make Comfort A Priority

When you attend a party or a dinner, you’ll usually find the host does a great job of making sure you’re as comfortable as possible. So, it’s important to turn that around when you are finally the host and make your guests feel good. This means creating a path of comfort for your guests as they enter the home. Start by having a place for them to leave their coats and shoes, lead them to where they can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat and also make sure that they know where the bathroom is so they don’t feel lost.Β  Also, keep in mind the temperature of your home when inviting other over. If it’s an extra chilly night consider turning up the heat or using your Valor Fireplace to ensure guests feel cozy and warm.m


In the rush of hosting it is so easy to forget to socialize with your guests while the event is going on. So, once the hustle of serving and cooking is slowing down and you feel like most things are handled, spend time with your guests and enjoy the evening. By doing this, not only will your guests feel more comfortableΒ but you will find yourself enjoying the evening as well.

Keep The Refreshments Flowing

The happiest guests generally are well fed and hydrated no matter what the event. So, to ensure your guests are happy make sure to provide ample food and drinks and have them come out throughout the evening. Ideally, if dinner is being served it’s important to provide appetizers and plan for a dessert course after dinner. The same thoughts should be applied drinks, make sure you have basic drinks such as a water, soft drinks, wine or beer depending on what event your hosting and what your guests prefer.Β  By planning ahead for your event, you won’t be scrambling to feed your guests and everyone will go home happy and full.

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