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2017 Product Recap

We have experienced another great year for Valor Fireplaces and wanted to share all of our top news stories of 2017 before we get too far into 2018. This year saw the introduction of Valor’s first ever multi-sided fireplace, dynamic fireplace tuning for inserts, updated control options and so much more!

Keep reading below to review all of our recent production introductions:

LX2 Multi-Sided Linear Fireplace

The LX2 Series (2200J) is the first heater-rated, efficient, three-sided fireplace. The LX2’s outstanding radiant performance will heat any space—be it a living room, family room or great room-matched in grandeur by its sought-after three dimensional design.

Available with splitwood, driftwood, rock and shale, and two types of glass fire beds, the LX2 will suit homeowners who value aesthetics, performance and safety.

To learn more about the LX2 Series please visit

AutoFire™ for insert fireplaces

AutoFire dynamically tunes your fireplace for peak performance and improved efficiencies – even with cold weather start ups. Higher outputs and less fuel consumption will save your home energy.

Compatible with the following models:

Herringbone Liners

The sought after and highly anticipated Herringbone liner, available in Adobe color, are now available on select models. A surefire winner, the new liner in combination with a radiant Valor gas flame will produce a stunning visual for any living space.

Compatible with the following models:

Splitwood Logs & Limestone Liners – L1, L2 & LX2 Linear Series

The Splitwood fuel bed offers depth and interest with a realistic split log set – with glowing embers – that differentiates from our standard log or driftwood options. Combine your Splitwood Logs with the new Limestone Liner setfor a radiant glow. Limestone adds a lighter 3rd option to our black fluted and reflective black glass liner options.

The Madrona Freestanding fireplace has also incorporated a version of Splitwood. Look out for the Splitwood and Limestone styles on the L3 later this year!

Driftwood now Available for the Portrait Series

Riding on the success of the H5, H6, Madrona, G4 & G3 Driftwood additions, the Portrait Driftwood Fuel Bed (530DWK) is now available. The addition of the 530DWK to the Portrait fuel bed lineup allows consumers more options over the standard log, rock or coal fires.

Updated Controls for the H5 & H6 Series

The H5 & H6 Series fireplaces now come standard with the ValorStat Max handset (GV60MAX). The ValorStat Max Remote Control gives you the power to select, adjust and program the desired temperature that you want. Timer and Thermostat mode help save energy and lower your home heating costs.

The Remote Battery & Wall Switch Kit (RBWSK) is now a standard accessory on the H5 & H6 Series. The RBWSK provides easy access to batteries, making a change out quick and easy. No tools required, another Valor first!

Learn more the H5 and H6 Series by reading through the all new brochure.

Expanded Outdoor Fireplace Program – 9 Compatible Engines!

Valor’s radiant heat advantage has made its way outdoors. Convert your zero clearance Valor gas fireplace to a beautiful outdoor fireplace with our GV60CKO conversion kit. Now, using our new conversion kit we can offer nine different zero clearance fireplace options to our dealers and customers, including all of the “L” and “H” Series models.

To learn more about our Outdoor Fireplace Program, visit

Legend G4 Backing Plates – More Installation Options!

Valor now offers 3 backing plates for the Legend G4 Edgemont Fronts – offering even more customization and installation opportunities for your insert installations. Each backing plate can be found below:

  • 799BPB-1 – 39-1/2″ x 27″
  • 799BPB-2 – 46″ x 31″
  • 799BPB-3 – 48″ x 32-3/8″

Larger backing plates were also added for the 790, 791 & 792 fronts for the Legend G4 Series.

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