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It’s that exciting time of year again when Pantone releases the color of the year and this year the color choice is extra vibrant and exciting. So without further adieu, the color of 2018 is Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet is a color that you may not see often but when you do you won’t miss it. This shade is one that has been related to royalty in the past within lush velvet fabrics giving it a cool appearance. While it’s darker than a traditional purple it can also promote a sense of tranquillity and creativity.

This bold and bright color choice is one that will not only stand out but will bring a sense of imagination and wonder into any room. You may find you feel intimated in terms of where to start when it comes to incorporating this color into the interior of your space, but with a little inspiration, you will find what works best for your home.

Pic Credit: Piktureplanet

Purple as a color doesn’t need to be overwhelming when it’s used the right way. For example, an accent wall in a room can add a stand out feature without taking away from the rest of the space. The best way to apply an accent wall is to choose a coordinating color such as white, taupe or grey for the rest of the walls which in turn will balance out the bold color.  This will add an eye-catching look to any room such as a living space or a bedroom similar to what’s shown above.

Pic Credit: Deardesigner

If painting a wall isn’t the right direction for your home, consider bringing in a statement piece such as a couch or a chair in the daring color of violet. By choosing a piece like this, you will add a new dimension to space and the unique look will bring in personality to any room.  This royal piece draws in the eye and can be a piece that will last a lifetime.

Pic Credit: Hometalk

Lastly, if you feel that you want to test out the color of the year on a smaller, yet unique place considering doing so through the color of a door or within small home decor. These small yet powerful pops of color will still bring in an interesting look without feeling overwhelming. This is also a great way to avoid completely changing the style or look of a room because you will be bringing this new color into your existing space.



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  1. Loved this blog, Can you suggest me with some tile and flooring ideas? Like porcelain tiles or should I go for normal tiles and if Porcelain tiles then which one should I get?

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