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How To Prepare Your Home For Spring

Even though it may not feel like Spring just yet, it’s a great time to get ready for a warmer season and prepare your home. You can do a few things that will help prepare and by completing those tasks you will be feeling your home is not only ready for the Spring season but also the Summer season. Keep on reading to find out how you can prepare your home for Spring:

Check Your Roof & Gutters

The winter can a real toll on your roof and gutters over the Winter months. So, before Spring truly begins consider taking a quick look at both the roof and gutters and consider having both areas cleaned. By clearing any clogs and leaf build up, you will allow for the gutter system to do what it’s supposed to. Also, if you find any roof damage, it may be time to call a professional and have it fixed.

Give Your Fireplace An Overview

Now is a great time to give your fireplace a once over and check that everything is in working order. This includes small things like the remote, making sure the screen and glass are clean, and confirming that the fireplace is outputting heat correctly and turning on. If you’re a Valor Fireplace owner, visit here to learn about what you can do for your fireplace.

Clean Up Indoors & Out

Lastly, it’s important to give your inside and outside an overhaul and a clean. For the outside, focus on any leaves, wood, or garbage that may have built up from the Winter and clear it out. This will prevent insect visitors and prepare your yard for the warmer months. As for the inside, now is the time to reduce clutter, clean high and low traffic spaces, and give everything a true wipe down.

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