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The bathrooms in our home can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to design and detail. This can be because we want our bathroom to be a place of functionality and space where everyone can get ready for the day. Now, just because a bathroom is a necessity, it doesn’t mean it can’t look good while being functional. Keep reading to learn about 5 ways that you can spruce up your bathroom:

  1. Paint: The number one way to spruce up any bathroom is to slap on a fresh coat of paint. A fresh layer of paint not only makes the entire room feel new and clean, a new colour can really change the look of the whole space. If you have had a dark colour, consider switching to something light and bright for an easy change such as a soft blue or a bright white. Also, consider adding in a painted accent wall for an easy designers touch that will help the room feel larger than it is.
  2. Lighting: Have a look at the lighting in your bathroom, does it still feel dark even when the lights are on? This is the case in most bathrooms, especially smaller ones. Once you’ve decided on a new light fixture, don’t be afraid to add in some smaller, softer sources of lights that can make the bathroom feel warm and extra cozy.
  3. Deep Clean: While it may not be a huge change, bathrooms that are looking a little sad generally need a large deep clean. This means removing everything that isn’t installed in the bathroom, scrubbing every last surface and cleaning every item that returns into the bathroom. Also, make sure to pay extra attention to the fixtures such as the bathtub, toilet and sink as grime tends to hang on tight.
  4. Decor Pieces: Little decor pieces in a bathroom can give it some personality and a little extra life. Whether you choose to hang some attractive art or display your favorite trinkets, adding these little touches make the space desirable to be in. Consider adding in decor pieces that coordinate with the rest of the house to help carry the design flow into your practical yet stylish bathroom.
  5. Organization: Lastly, clutter can be a big reason why your bathroom feel tired and dingy. Defeat that feeling by removing all items from the space and only bring back half of what you took out. Remove any lotions, sprays or products that may have expired, remove magazines that have been well read and consider looking into your linen storage to see if you can lighten the load.  By removing clutter from the bathroom and simplifying the space, you’ll find it’s more peaceful and relaxing even when it comes to everyday use.
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