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How To Create A Summer Signature Cocktail

The Summer sunshine has arrive which brings in rising outdoor temperatures day by day – making it harder to stay cool! The best way to beat the heat is to create a custom Summer themed signature cocktail that will not only be refreshing but the talk of your next dinner party. Now, it may seem complicated but it doesn’t need to be – you can custom create each part of your summer cocktail to make it completely personal. Keep reading to find out more:


Consider The Event

This is an important point when creating your signature cocktail because you’ll want to base your drink around the event. So for example, if you are creating a drink for a wedding, you would want to consider the color to match the event. On the other hand, if you are hosting a backyard Summer bash the flavor profile may be more important and will need to be tweaked as you create. No matter what event you’re hosting, take the time to chose a few key elements from the event that you want your drink to express.


Gather Ingredients

Ingredients are one of the key points when you are making your signature cocktail as they will make up the flavor of your drink. A great base for any cocktail is a lime or lemon sour mix that will give you something to build upon. Once you’ve decided on which one you prefer, from here you would consider adding in your spirits, fresh fruit and berries, or tropical juices to layer on the flavour. Try to make your sour mix at home to give it a personal twist and make a large batch to make it easy to serve.

Choose Your Spirit

When it comes to a choosing a spirit you will want to first consider what type of event it will be served at and then your guest’s preferences. These points are especially important because you want to create and serve a drink everyone will enjoy and be willing to try. Some spirits that can be a crowd favorite are vodka, rum, bourbon, gin or you could even go for a lighter option such as champagne or rosé. No matter what you choose, make sure to consider your guest list before you choose your spirit.

Use Creative Garnishes

As the final and most fun step, you need to create a custom garnish to go with your signature cocktail because it will bring the whole drink together. The only thing to remember when it comes to garnishes is that if you have a sour drink, you want to balance it out with a sweet garnish or vice versa. By creating a balance of flavors, your cocktail will be deliciously refreshing and will impress anyone who decides to partake. If your feeling stuck for garnish ideas, consider items like lemons, limes, frozen berries, a salted rim or something more savoury like a sprig of fresh herbs.

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