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It sounds sad to be celebrating the end of Summer right? Well, as much as we don’t want Summer fun to end it happens regardless so we might as well spend the last few weeks creating extra special memories with friends and family. So before the hot temperatures fade and the cool nights set in, check out these 3 ways to celebrate the end of Summer:

  1. Host An End Of Summer Bash: What better way to cap off the season than by throwing a big end of summer party for all of your friends and family. Not only is this a great way to get everyone together before the Fall starts, but you’ll also make some amazing memories and maybe a yearly tradition. You could do anything from a BBQ to a potluck and make sure to choose a Summer theme such as tropical Hawaiian. Once you have the details in place, whip up a signature cocktail and sit back and relax. There is no better way to soak up the last summer days then with family and friends.
  2. Plan An Outdoor Adventure: If you want to plan a fun day with the family before school starts, consider planning an outdoor adventure so you can soak up the last bit of sunshine. You could plan a full day excursion or simply choose your favourite park and plan a day of fun. No matter what you do, make sure you bring a camera and snap some pictures as you enjoy the day.  These pictures can be framed and displayed to remind you just how much fun you had as a family this Summer!
  3. Backyard Camping:  Whether you are 5 or 50, backyard camping is fun for any age! All you need is a tent, some blankets and ideally a backyard big enough for everyone to camp. Get the kids on board by planning out fun camp-themed food and snacks and you could even consider setting up an outdoor movie for when it’s time to settle down. This won’t take too much work and it’s such a great way to enjoy those warm evenings before it quickly turns to Fall.
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