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The kitchen is a hub of activity in the home between family, guests and pets. So it’s important to choose design features that make the space functional but also gives it that wow factor! Check out the four amazing ideas below that will give your kitchen that extra touch and make it stand out from the rest:

LX2 Multi-Sided Series | Zero-Clearance Fireplace
  1. Multi-Sided Fireplace: If you’re looking for a show-stopper feature for your kitchen, look no further, This Valor LX2 Multi-Sided Fireplace produces radiant, comfortable heat for the entire home and the flicker of the flames will create an inviting atmosphere. For more information on this fireplace, please visit here.
  2. Show-Stopping Backsplash: An easy way to make a big impression in the kitchen is with a beautiful backsplash design. The options and colours are endless and you can go big or small on your design depending on the space. This is such a great way to bring some additional stand-out style to your kitchen.
  3. Built-In Coffee Maker: For a true coffee lover, why not make your coffee maker part of the kitchen design? It will look great as a design feature on the wall or nestled into cupboards and the sleek look is so eye-catching. Not to mention you will get amazing coffee at the click of a button, so it’s a win-win!
  4. Eye-Catching Light Fixture: Lastly, to really make an impact on your kitchen’s design why not go with a big, beautiful light fixture? If you have the space, consider going grand with your fixture choice to really stand out. Of course, the added bonus will be how bright and welcoming your kitchen becomes with the new lighting.
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